Learn to play guitar using Video Surgeon. Video Surgeon video motion analysis is a new teaching software I use and offer to others. As indicated, this software allows detailed examination of various elements. I became aware of the advanced software this year – 2017. So it is-excuse the cliché-new cutting edge technology. It`s Windows based but Mac is expected soon, perhaps right now depending on the date you are reading this. Learn to play guitar and-or improve your sport engagement using Video Surgeon.

Superficially I have copy already here in Grow Pennies, but this is now more explanatory being one learning the guitar at home. You can capture, slow down tempo-speed up tempo, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame.

< View Video Surgeon in any of the majority of the common video file formats. As indicated, right now Video Surgeon`s video motion analysis is being promoted towards people who want to take up the guitar, improving guitar playing, or teaching guitar.

However, this type of video motion analysis software is used within professional sports also. So for example Video Surgeon can also be used to, for example, examine golf swings in slow-mo. Video Surgeon will capture, slow down to 25% of the original, speed up, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame.

<Video Surgeon is video motion software that can not only be used for learning guitar, but for example, in improving sports performance.

If it was seen as being limited to learning the guitar, I guess it might have been called Guitar Surgeon.. But no, as using video motion analysis, it could also be useful for following and improving drumming as well I guess? I`m not a drummer.. and you might not be a budding Ginger Baker. But if you check it out you will know, as a drummer, if it will be of advantage to you.

   < In addition to reducing tempo down to 25%, it can be increased way over 100%. I don`t see how this will advantage anyone, but I can imagine a rather comical situation…Excuse me a moment while I take my mind out of the gutter!

So Video Surgeon is a multi purpose learning software. Where`s also a way to reduce tempo even below 25% with additional preposition. Video Surgeon includes what is known as the sniffer. Nothing to do with rose gardens etc, it allows the user to download videos from Youtube into Video Surgeon for manipulation. Youtube is known to change parameters at times.

Video Surgeon takes this into account, thus it will be updated to take into account changes as they happen. In general, many of us know how annoying it can be when faced with unexpected changes in online tools and services.

Video Surgeon is thus marketed towards anyone using video media for teaching, coaching and of course learning guitar. It works by allowing users to both capture, slow down or speed up, loop, transpose, zoom and freeze video frame by frame.

UNcool to some maybe, but I`ve seen Video Surgeon recommended for those aiming to improve golf swings.. As a former karate with self defense application instructor (5th Dan), I`d have used it to examine and follow more and various karate kata techniques.

So motion analysis software is widely used in sports. However, the software used is likely to cost way more than Video Surgeon! In fact, relating back to guitar, many expert guitarists of today use motion analysis software also to capture both study and analyze performance.

But at far less cost Video Surgeon is now providing software to those who wish to use these slow to speed techniques to benefit musical performance. You`re probably versed with downloading, installing and activating software. If not, it`s no big deal, there`s a lot of free video guides around.

Video Surgeon includes product user guides, support and documentation. Getting into this myself, I`d suggest you go through the guide, including the quick start guide immediately, as opposed to going “straight in”, e.g. become familiar this the selection icons available on the top of the screen, this is provided by a drop down menu. Video Surgeon can open and viewed in most of the common video file formats.

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